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End-to-End Project Delivery

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End-to-end Project Delivery

When there is a fit our Red Glove consultants will manage and deliver projects on a full end-to-end basis.

End-to-end Project Delivery

Red Glove Consulting was originally created with a focus on providing individuals and small dedicated teams of consultants to clients.  Over the years, based on client requests, we’ve seen a demand for our talented team of Red Glove consultants to design and deliver full projects on an end-to end basis.

Such Project Delivery includes our team leading the Project Management and allocation of resources towards a single project rather than spread across multiple clients.   Many of our Red Glove consultants have worked together and collaborated behind the scenes through knowledge sharing in support of each others projects.  When Red Glove Consulting is able to manage the full scope, design and delivery of projects, it gives our consultants an opportunity to really work together as a unified team in support of our client’s success. 

Rather than requesting multiple individual resources on a staff augmentation basis to complement your internal development efforts, consider having Red Glove Consulting quote on the successful delivery of your whole project using our team as a single results-oriented Scrum team. 

  • implementation
  • Portal Development
  • Application Modernization
  • Strategy and Design
  • Advisory Services

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Robert Pike, Vice President   – Rob and his advisory services team are often off-site working with clients, but as part of our Red Glove service promise a member of our team will get back to you via email within 2-4 business hours.

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Red Glove Consulting is a top resourcing firm for talent. Our team has carefully curated a pool of independent consultants and IT professionals available to meet a variety of Salesforce skills and technical requirements.